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Guided Reading

Guided Reading – Global Reading Pals

Global Reading Pals” is a flagship program in which school children from UK read collaboratively with school children GLOBALLY and ONLINE via our secure digital blended learning platform with a focused and measurable outcome of building up and cementing their Reading Comprehension, Spelling, Grammar and Writing skills.

Why Reading Pals?

Reading Pals program enriches students’ learning journey with a “Global Perspective” and equips young students appropriately to “embrace the world” in their forthcoming future. Your ambitious, eager to learn students can read in real time and online with pupils from across the globe,under the careful supervision of a qualified teacher.

Session Description

Every session entails collaborative and online ‘guided reading session based on a book and related activities’ within Letegogie’s secure Virtual Classroom environment in which students gain access to Letegogie’s online smartboard tools for collaborative reading and writing, audio and visual access to other students and teachers in the group.All the sessions are meticulously structured where students are facilitated with activity based learning resources linked to the book being read.

Session Requirements

To participate, every student requires an internet-enabled computer/or an iPad with a pair of headphones, microphone and a web cam along with access to www.letegogie.com via web browser.

Session Slots
  • 4 weeks program¦2 hourly group sessions a week(8 sessions in total)
  • Maximum 5 students will be in one group for one session

Skills Developed
  • Reading
  • Listening
  • Comprehending
  • Writing
  • Effective verbal communications
  • Vocabulary enrichment
  • Collaborative learning

  • Students gain confidence with in their comprehension skills
  • Students improve their verbal communication skills
  • Students improve their analytical skills
  • Students gain confidence to interact with students of different cultures, and countries – A truly significant opportunity for “global outreach.”
  • Students get a sense of belonging and global perspective.
  • Students are motivated and highly engaged in their learning journey.

Choice of Books

The books recommended and finally chosen to be read in a session depends on the existing language proficiency of the students at the time of joining “Reading Pals”, but the framework of UK National Curriculum entirely and continually guides this process.

Additional Details
  • Students can do sessions from anywhere they choose to do it from (school or home)
  • Sessions are recorded and available to students on the www.letegogie.com for them to revisit 
learning delivered during their Reading Pals journey. This gives students a wonderful opportunity to firm up their learning in their own time by “replaying and reviewing” what they learnt during the session they attended, in case they did not entirely understand concepts discussed the first time.