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Literacy and Numeracy Intervention

Literacy and Numeracy Intervention

Our Literacy and Numeracy is designed to help schools to narrow learning gaps between the performances of different groups of pupils as set out by Ofsted expectations. We believe every child can and will achieve!

Why Intervention?

Existing research in education, as mentioned below, have formed the basis in developing Letegogie’s Literacy and Numeracy Intervention programme, making it a powerful learning tool to bridge learning gaps.

Early intervention, as suggested by Brooks (2002,2007) and Dowker (2004,2007), prevents low attainers developing further problems.

Tailored teaching, is essential for meeting specific needs of individual pupils. (Dunne et al 2007)

Cooperative learning, paired work and group collaboration,have long been found to be effective in increasing pupils’ attainment. (Slavin & Lake, 2008)

Monitoring Pupils’ Progress to identify those in need of targeted intervention helps narrow learning gaps(Sharples et al 2011)

Home –school relationships; have been seen to positively affect a child’s academic performance. (Sammons et al 2007)

Session Description

Every session entails collaborative and online teacher guided session on a topic in Numeracy/Literacy that the groups of pupils need help to master. The teacher delivers the lesson using Letegogie’s secure Virtual Classroom environment in which students gain access to Letegogie’s online smartboard tools for collaborative reading and writing, audio and visual access to other students and teachers in the group. All the sessions are meticulously structured where students are facilitated with activity based learning resources linked to the topic.

Session Requirements

To participate, every student requires an internet-enabled computer/or an iPad with a pair of headphones, microphone and a web cam along with access to www.letegogie.com via web browser.

Session Slots

2 hourly group sessions a week. Length of programme (number of weeks) depends on the diagnosis of pupil learning gaps.

Skills Developed

In Literacy

  • Reading
  • Listening
  • Comprehending
  • Writing
  • Effective verbal communications
  • Vocabulary enrichment
  • Collaborative learning

In Numeracy

  • Mental calculation strategies
  • Written calculation strategies
  • Conceptual understanding and reasoning
  • Problem solving techniques
  • Collaborative learning
  • Purposeful discussion

  • Students gain confidence with in their comprehension skills
  • Students improve their verbal communication skills
  • Students improve their analytical skills
  • Students gain confidence to engage in purposeful discussions with other students
  • Students are motivated and highly engaged in their learning journey
  • Students are challenged and stretched

Maximum students in one group for one session

Maximum 5 students will be in one group for one session.

Additional Details
  • Students can do sessions from anywhere they choose to do it from (school or home)
  • Sessions are recorded and available to students on the www.letegogie.com for them to revisit 
learning delivered during their Letegogie journey. This gives students a wonderful opportunity to firm up their learning in their own time by “replaying and reviewing” what they learnt during the session they attended, in case they did not entirely understand concepts discussed the first time.