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Math and English Online tutoring

Math and English online tutoring

Boost your child’s success, self-esteem and confidence in English and Maths with a personalised learning programme, delivered straight to your home.

Letegogie synergizes the best of Ed-tech with the experience and skill of a qualified teacher to boost your child’s educational journey.

We provide a strong, flexible and dynamic learning system that focuses on the key Maths and English learning outcomes within the School Curriculum. Our Maths and English programmes help to form good study habits, increase confidence and develop self-esteem while building core Maths and English skills.

How it works?


Choose a date & time that suits you.


Interact & learn with the teacher in a Virtual Classroom.


Complete homework    & practice online worksheets and test.


Revisit learning by replaying recorded lessons any time.

Why choose Letegogie?
Diagnosis based individual learning plan

  • Learning happens from the comfort and convenience of your own home. Real time teacher student interaction keeps students engaged and motivated in their learning
  • Children like using computers/iPads. We use this to motivate and engage students in an effective learning programme.
  • Your child will experience the same teaching excellence and success as found in a centre based tutoring service without having to travel.
  • Recorded lesson offers a unique opportunity to revisit lesson at any later time when needed i.e before examinations or assessments.
  • Qualified and experienced teachers/tutors.

Session Description
  • Sessions are delivered by qualified teachers online using a secure Virtual classroom environment for complete teacher student interaction.
  • Students have access to specially designed interactive whiteboard with reading, writing (freehand and type), audio and visual tools for effective teaching and learning.
  • Every session is meticulously structured to provide students with activity based learning resources linked to the learning outcome as mentioned in their personalised learning plan.
  • Every session is recorded and available to students for them to revisit 
learning delivered during the lesson. This gives students a wonderful opportunity to firm up their learning in their own time by “replaying and reviewing” what was learnt during the session they attended, in case they did not entirely understand concepts discussed the first time.

Session Requirements
  • Internet enabled computer/Laptop/iPad /Android device with webcam
  • Headphones with Microphone
  • Access to www.letegogie.com via web browser

Skills Developed
  • Core reading, listening and comprehension
  • Effective Writing for purpose and audience
  • Verbal communications
  • Vocabulary enrichment
  • Mental and written calculation strategies
  • Conceptual understanding and reasoning
  • Problem solving techniques

  • Students gain confidence in Maths and English
  • Students improve their verbal communication skills
  • Students improve their analytical and problem solving skills
  • Students gain confidence to engage in purposeful discussions
  • Students are motivated and highly engaged in their learning journey
  • Students are challenged and stretched