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What we offer?

How we do it?

Blended Learning Environment

Letegogie is a blended learning environment which brings together pupils, parents and teachers and provides a collaborative learning experience.

Virtual Classroom

Pupils and teachers interact using video conferencing, interactive white board, audio, video and messaging in a secure virtual environment.


Pupils have access to a plethora of e-learning courses developed in accordance to 2014 England National Primary Curriculum.


An opportunity for pupils to assess their learning is provided through the use of Pre and Post Self Assessment feature available in every E-Course.


Instant feedback to help scaffold pupil’s learning is integral to both E-Courses and Virtual Classroom.


Pupil performance in E-Courses is tracked and effective easy to understand graphical reports are generated to help enhance pupils’ learning.


Pupils’ learning journey over a year is analysed, recorded and a comparative report is generated to highlight strengths and areas of improvement.

Parent Participation

Parent Dashboard enables parents to participate in every aspect of their child’s learning journey.

Empowered Teachers & Parents

Reports and Progression data of individual child which is an outcome of the time spent by the child on course material is available to the teacher prior to, during and after the classroom session. Teacher uses “Connect Parent” functionality to keep parents informed on pupils learning progress from within the classroom.

Teacher Parent Communication

“Connect to Parent” and “Connect to Teacher” functionality provides a seamless and effective communication tool to be used by teachers and parents to provide direct feedback and share concerns about pupils learning.

Why use Letegogie?

  • Diagnostic driven intervention to bridge leaning gaps.
  • Live teacher student interactions fosters personalised learning
  • Recording of lessons facilitates revisiting learning
  • Homework assignment and submission made easy.
  • Self-learning material made available.
  • Plenty of Problem-Solving practice on each topic.
  • Instant feedback and hints.
  • Reports on student progress.
  • Facilitates Teacher Parent interaction.
  • Collaborative learning across schools around the globe.

What we do?

To help pupils

Preserve classroom teaching and learning

Letegogie preserves the classroom learning right at the time when it is being disseminated to all pupils in the class. The audio/ video and all the teacher’s smart board activities along with all learning from materials are recorded and made available to all pupils after the class, for them to revisit learning whenever needed.

Facilitate self-paced learning

Our E-courses built on the national curriculum, help the students to learn at their own pace at a time their minds are ready to learn. This enables them to use contact time with teachers in the classroom to enhance their understanding and apply their knowledge in analysis and critical thinking activities.

Help consolidate learning through practice and instant feedback

Our E-worksheets enable pupils to practice the skills learnt. Instant feedback informs learning and hints provide the necessary scaffolding to make the entire learning experience holistic.

Raise attainment and narrow learning gaps

Students view their reports instantly and can monitor their progression, helping them identify learning gaps. The identified gaps can be filled in quickly by revisiting the recorded lesson or by providing specialised support through the collaborative virtual classroom.

To help teachers and schools

Reduce teacher workload

The quantitative marking of work done by student is automated, leaving teachers to focus on qualitative marking and teacher assessment.

Raising attainment standards

Pupils who need extra support can get it with experts in and outside the classroom using the virtual classroom.

Enabling teacher parent communication

Teachers and parents interact seamlessly regarding concerns about a pupil’s learning needs.

Sharing best resources and practices

Staff expertise can be shared among members of the school fraternity including pupils and parents and other schools in the cohort.

To help parents

Easy access to learning techniques and processes

Parents are involved and informed in every step on the way of their child’s learning journey.

Facilitate teacher parent communication

Parents have the facility to communicate with the teacher about child’s learning progress.

Provide external subject experts

If need be parents can organize external help from qualified teachers to meet child specific learning needs.

For pupils with English as a foreign language

  • We provide opportunity to learn the language from native teachers, using the techniques and processes as used in UK schools.
  • We provide access to UK national curriculum 2014.
  • We provide collaborative virtual classroom learning experience with schools in UK.
  • We enable sharing of expertise and talent.